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Eat like a bear

...or not...

Love Deeply, Eat Simply

2018 was a big year for us - it was the year we stumbled upon the keto lifestyle. (it was also the year we discovered sous vide but that's a whole 'nother story!) Keto for us was not just about weight control. It was about healing physical issues and underlying conditions. Keto wasn't easy to adapt to, nor was it easy to explain to friends and family. Heck, we had to overcome the propaganda instilled in us from our many years of indoctrination about the American Food Pyramid! What we learned (and are still learning) is that healthy eating is different for each of us. Keto is not for everybody. Nor is being a vegan or a carnivore or a pastafarian. The other thing that we learned is that eating food as close to the way that nature produced it is healthiest for all of us.

Food brings people together. It crosses borders, divides and continents. We had a hard time finding things we loved to eat that were keto (like crackers). This our attempt at providing simple, natural  foods that you can share with all of your friends, family & strangers. We hope they bring you joy!

With much love, Oso

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