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Life is Wild

feed your Bear!

Healthy is all about understanding your body and what foods keep it running optimally, whether it is berries or beef. Regardless of your diet style, we can all agree it is best to eat clean, nutritionally dense food as close to its original source as possible.

Almond Crackers


Seed Snackers

We promise minimally processed, artisanal, and natural food!

The hardest part of "eating healthy" is enjoying eating what is good for your body and not focusing on what you're missing. 

We all have to figure out what works best for our bodies and then, simply, go from there. Labels can be confusing. (Like gluten free doesn't mean low carb or fat free usually means more sugar.) We aim to create foods for everybody to enjoy, especially if you are diet restricted. Foods that literally aren't killing you.


 Slap some Snackers on your next charcuterie board to share with those you love. They will be impressed! All of our foods are oh, so healthy and oso Keto!

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